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Counseling Approach & Services


Solution-Focused Counseling

My clients seek assistance when they need to change something that's not working for them, to develop self-awareness, or to better understand their own potential. If you are sad or anxious, we will find ways to overcome those difficulties. If you want your future to look different, we will see where changes need to be made today. If something in your past keeps you from being successful now, then we will focus on resolving issues from your past.


Hypnosis simply invokes a state of relaxation and focused attention, commonly referred to as a trance. Trance states are frequently misunderstood and not recognized – experienced when falling asleep or daydreaming, or even when driving a car. Hypnosis uses that trance state of highly focused attention – and I draw on it with most of my clients. That allows us to work with the underlying experience or misunderstanding that resulted in imbalances such as stress or anxiety, and provides the means to make progress quickly – even if a deep trance has not been achieved.

Energy Psychology

There has been an explosion of information about Energy Psychology and the related meridian based therapies – tools which use the body’s energy meridians to restore emotional balance. Many of my clients have demonstrated excellent results with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/tapping), a popular meridian therapy, achieving rapid change when processing everyday emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, or lack of confidence.

Psycho-Spiritual Counseling

Those who are seeking personal growth, or desire an expanded view of the world, will find psycho-spiritual counseling appealing. Combining classic counseling and a spiritual perspective, this takes into consideration a person’s belief system, energy, and states of awareness.

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